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Gliwice, 3 June 1971

Dear Krysia!

I already have my [passport] insert and we should book tickets as soon as possible, but without your inserts I can’t do anything. I think it would be best if you sent me your inserts and the money for plane tickets with a registered express mail. I think that for now we may buy just one-way tickets, so that we have a booked place. And the rest can be bought separately. All we could buy return tickets now. The worst thing is that you can’t contact the LOT office in Katowice by phone. I think that they simply put the receiver down, and I have to go all the way to Katowice. Many people here don’t go for organised trips, but individually. In Orbis I am waiting for information for hours on end. I am afraid that later it will be even more difficult to book a seat on a plane, and the same goes for accommodation. They told me in Orbis that we have to hurry. And without the exact date of departure I can’t book seats. They didn’t want to give me the insert without me buying hard currency now, but finally they gave it to me, but only for a few days. And I can’t buy hard currency without booking accommodation. And it makes it all difficult.

I can’t catch Olek [Górski], I don’t know if he goes to Piła, but I think I can’t wait until 12, for it would be too late.

Our people have already got the inserts, you have to write back soon, so that we make it before 15 August.

I am writing chaotically now, because I am in a hurry. Let me know what I’m to do next.

Warmest kisses, Zosia