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Gliwice, 5 November 1973

Dear Krysia!

I am sending you four photos, but they are neither technically good nor of adequate size. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no time to make better copies for you – the old ones are a bit too yellow and the new ones – very bad copies, editing too visible. Besides, it seems that it goes for the whole cycle and unfortunately I don’t have enough time to make them all. I was in Rabka for the All Souls’ Day and after my return I found your letter – why so late? (…)

I have a lot of work now, a semester with students, making money, because I spent huge amounts of money during my vacation – and then the books,1 which are passing through various commissions, but I want to change a lot in them, and finally the present – 100 films to develop.

It is a pity that we didn’t meet in Budapest. I visited the Hungarian Photographic Association one day after you left, but I spent more than a week in Budapest, I wrote you about this plan from Rabka – I think you didn’t write me back because of Romek’s illness.

In May I want to go there specifically to photograph Art Nouveau elements for photomontages. I write so chaotically, for I want to send it to you as soon as possible – let’s hope they don’t damage it at the post office, the packaging is not very good. (…)

I send you all my love, greetings for Romek and Eve, Zosia

My Maja2 gave birth to a daughter3 10 days ago - I am afraid that it cost me a huge amount of nerves and emotions.

1) The paste-up of the album The World of Feelings and Imagination and probably of Rabka.
2) Maria Pogoda, daughter of Tadeusz Rydet, Zofia Rydet’s brother.
3) Magdalena Pogoda, daughter of Maria Pogod and Zdzisław Pogoda.