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Gliwice, 9 May 1971

Dear Krysia!

I was in the LOT office in Warsaw. A return ticket to Sophia costs 2703 złoty. You can make a booking even one year before. Tickets are still available, but when the summer arrives, they will be gone. First of all we have to set the precise date. Perhaps 28 July. But I would rather leave it to you. The opening of the “Cycles” exhibition will be on 1 July, and the symposium on 6 or 10 July, so there is no conflict here. I only don’t know yet when I will get my school-sponsored vacation, I fear that it might be 15-30 July, for because of the symposium, in which I do want to take part, I can’t take it in the first decade of July. And because you can’t “hit the road” with me, I do want to take this co-funded vacation from the Polytechnics –it costs 500 złoty for two weeks, so I can take photos of some region and have a cheap rest.

Tomorrow I will go to Orbis to make an application for the passport insert, although I would prefer to have your decision about how we travel and when we go.

I am sorry that I crossed it out and I send you such an ugly letter, but I decided to go to Orbis after work. My insert is valid, it only needs to be extended. We may already book, although the price is not strictly set yet. But no matter, we have to or rather can pay 4600 złoty now (and book accommodation) – this is the maximum amount, we get a tourist suite for that, after the deductions. They give us levs and we pay in Bulgaria or we can pay for the accommodation here with part of that money. The plane costs 2700, which makes it 7300 altogether. By train or car it comes cheaper. We don’t have to take the whole amount, although I think we should.

Another possibility is 10 days in Mangalia (Romania), at a similar price, but with Orbis. Please decide quickly, I would hate to be “left in the cold” – don’t be angry, but I have already called off Yugoslavia, I have no other thing left and if you gave up, I wouldn’t know what to do, for I will not go on my own. Kisses, write me back quickly, I was at home just now, but there is no letter from you.

Kisses, Zosia