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Rabka, 11 July 1975

Dear Krysia!

I keep thinking about writing to you, but days go by and I don’t have time for anything. It has nothing to do with photography, it’s family matters and constant, numerous, long and tiring travels. Four times to Warsaw, plus Zakopane, Rabka, Łódź, Kraków. (...) But we will talk about it all in Sopot. I made the payments to ZAIKS, and I booked a bed in the train, I am only worried about coming back, but I’m happy that we will be together, photograph the sea and talk.

I gave up on France, although SPAF wanted to get a passport for me. Łagocki didn’t go, and I was stopped by family matters. Now I am in Rabka, but I am constantly busy with the house and the garden – and the weather is ugly. Today a managed to go to Chyżne in Orava, I was walking from house to house with my small Japanese flash and I was shooting the interiors of the cottages and the owners, but I don’t know what the result will be. I don’t know if you know that at the International Book Fair a gentleman from Hachette in Paris got interested in my album,1 I am preparing and completing a new version and I will send it in August.

My dear, for now I kiss you and yours and I am waiting for Sopot.


1) Zofia Rydet means the paste-up of the album The World of Feelings and Imagination.