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Rabka, 12 May 1975

Dear Krysia!

Again we are going almost together, but we will not meet. I am leaving on 9 June to Mongolia, not because I wanted to go then, but I’m afraid to go on my own and my friends are also going there. It’s a pity that you didn’t write me earlier, I would’ve preferred to be in Estonia with you. And you also don’t write about your plans for later. If you want to go somewhere for taking photos. Besides Romania, nothing is really settled yet. I would very much like to go with someone for a car trip across Poland, I have even offered to pay for the petrol, but everyone has a family and duties. So I’ll probably end up going to Rabka. Especially that I already have a signed contract for an album about Rabka – the paste-up is practically ready, but I always have to change something.

My first proposal is being reviewed and probably after 15 May it will go to the draughtsman. But I still want to change two cycles, which requires a huge amount of work. (…)

Here [at the GTF] there is sensational news about Stolik, as you probably know, new rumours all the time, besides the struggle for the chair of the President there are lots of unbelievable things happening. Write to me.

Very warm greetings to you and yours


PS. In Mongolia I will stay at the Kometa hotel – give me the name of yours.