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Gliwice, 18 April 1971

Dear Krysia,

I have already applied for an insert to my passport1 and because in my case it is only the question of extending it, for my passport is valid until October, I think it should be done quickly. I suppose you must have also applied.

Now the matter of the booking. Orbis always offers better accommodation than Turysta or PTTK, I have learned that the hard way. I can make the reservations tomorrow, they will deduct that from my hard currency. Or you can make bookings on my behalf, and then we will settle the payment between ourselves. We must only choose the precise date. I am thinking about 25 July, for days are not so short then and there already will be fruit.

I asked for three weeks (until 15 August) in my application, for the costs are lower then (and you can always stay a bit longer). We can make a booking for the entire stay or just for a few days, and then look for something else on our own, which is supposed to be cheaper.

I think that we can choose Sozopol, this is the southernmost accommodation. If we went by car, then moving and looking for the nicest place would be easier, and without a car you are hampered by the luggage. But we wouldn’t be able to bring food if we travel by car, because of the weight. We also have to book a hotel in Slovakia (one or two days?).

So the decision about the exact day of departure and the destination is the most important now. Who is going to do the booking, you or I? Well, if you choose the plane – also that has to be booked. But perhaps you will choose the car – it would certainly be more interesting and perhaps also cheaper. Naturally I would cover my part of the cost then. Write me about your decisions as soon as possible. I bought a beautiful map of Bulgaria, very exact, imported.

Warmest kisses. How is Eve, all right I suppose? Zosia

1) Passport insert - a document issued in the 1960s and 1970s which entitled the holder to travel to other socialist countries.