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Gliwice, 21 May 1971

Dear Krysia! I am writing yet another letter, for I learned from a friend who often travels abroad by car that here in Poland, in the Motor Association, you can get vouchers not only for petrol, but also for repairs. When something needs to be repaired, you pay with these vouchers, and if don’t have to use them, you can give them back after your return to Poland. Of course, besides that the car has to be insured and if you have an accident, you get more in hard currency than it is worth (but obviously it is better not to do that). I am writing that because you probably don’t know about it, and after all travelling by car would allow us to see and visit much more. We could also take more food and have more levs1 left. Anyway, find out about the details in the Motor Association.

We could stay in Sozopol for only one week and then find a place at the Turkish border on our own. They say it is more exotic there.

Anyway, give me the date of departure and your decision about bookings as soon as possible. I am waiting for your answer.

The name day was “terrible” in terms of the work necessary – guests for the entire week, and on top of that my photographer friends from Sweden arrived on Sunday when the mess was the greatest. They are very nice and have wonderful equipment. They stayed for two days. They intend to go to Sweden, but still don’t have the money.

My love to you and everyone,

1) Bulgarian currency (transl. note).