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Gliwice 24 November 1971

Dear Krysia!

I am still waiting for your account of the trip, your impressions, meetings, etc. Is it really so cold there, how did you take these swings from the heat to the chill? Or perhaps you are ill…

My joints were very painful right after the return – this must have been a reaction, and then after some 10 days the pains were gone and at last there is a huge improvement – it seems that Bulgaria and its sands were very good for my health. I am very curious if Romek1 also felt the effects of this therapy and how he is.

But my eyes are very bad. I am seeing a doctor, but they tell me that it won’t improve, the best I can hope for is that it will stop getting worse. It is a terrible tragedy for me.

I have already developed all films from Bulgaria, but I have a lot of bad, underexposed shots. Just before the departure I repaired the Praktisix, because for some reason it wasn’t working with long exposures and I think that when they repaired it, they broke 125 or 250. For it is the photos taken in full sun which are underexposed. Things done with the Exacta are good, even. Nonetheless I think there is a lot of good material, especially human.

I also spent a week in Hungary, Tapolca was the most beautiful. In the mountains by Miskolc there is a spa with hot waters. Partly in beautiful underground caves and partly in open air. A whole range of waterfalls which act like showers – whips. I think it would be great for Romek. Even on cold days you can have a wonderful time bathing or lying down underground. These are sanatoriums for rheumatics. Next year I want to go there for some 10 days. But for now it is winter and the flu is going crazy. But at home and in the darkroom it is warm. By now I have developed all the films. Today I have to do this triptych for Professor Rząsa from Zakopane (we did it together), they accepted it for the People of Culture.2 Have you sent anything for it?

Have you developed your films? I am waiting for a long letter. How is Ewa doing at her architecture studies?

Kisses for you and yours Zosia

PS. I met Pawek.3 I spend a whole day showing him Kraków and Gliwice. Very nice and elegant older gentleman.

1) Husband of Krystyna Łyczywek.
2) The People of our Culture exhibition, Budapest, 1972.
3) Karl Pawek (1906–1983), theorist of photography, editor of the Cologne journal Magnum, creator of important international photographic exhibitions such as What Is Man (1965), Woman (1968), The Road to Paradise (1973), Children of This World (1978).